A New Cabin at the Lake

I was very fortunate to marry into a family that has lakefront property on a lake in central Saskatchewan.

I love watching a project go from concept design through to the end of the framing stage.  It’s always rewarding to see it come together!


A few quick notes about the design:

  • The cabin (I’ll be honest… The term cabin isn’t really accurate.  It’s more of a home.) was designed for a rapidly growing family.  My in-laws have 4 children (my wife and her 3 siblings) and now with grandchildren there are times when we have 16-20 people at the lake at any one time.  There was an existing cabin on the property (which my wife’s grandparents built in the 60’s) but it was a little tight on space, for the whole family, and was built as a Summer only cabin (the plumbing was all exposed and as such couldn’t be used in freezing temperatures).
  • The cabin will become a retirement home for my in-laws in a few years so the design incorporated the amenities you’d expect in any normal house.
  • As a retirement home it was designed so that the main floor (it is a slab-on-grade, so no basement) would be an inclusive living space for my in-laws once they retire and make it their permanent residence.  The second floor is made up of strictly bedrooms and a large bonus room for children and grandchildren as they come and go throughout the year.
  • The garage was turned on an angle to best fit on the lot while utilizing the existing brush to maintain privacy.
  • The focus was on open spaces for family to gather.




Coming Together

There are many stages when building but for as long as I’ve been involved in the industry framing has always been my favorite.  Watching the substantial changes that happen in a relatively short period of time is one of the most rewarding parts for me.


I thought I would share this quickly.

If anyone is interested in the plan let me know.  This plan is not included in our database of plans on the site but it wouldn’t take much to convert it if there is some interest!